Receiving recycled materials

The main emphasis of customer was placed on:

  • make full analogue of with preservation functional, but a departure from the color palette design and the position of some elements, in particular the appearance of the module "Groups waste";
  • the use of site-based maps provided by API yandex map
  • full compliance with design layout;
  • ease of use and accessibility, even "grandmothers";
  • use two algorithms to determine the user's location such as geocoding and geopositioning;
  • multilanguage;
  • easy navigation, logical and rational.

In addition to customer requirements has made the following:

  • check the information entered by the user as on the user side and on client-side in all forms posted on this site;
  • link to the mark prescribed in the browser url;
  • loading of content without reloading the page;
  • connection to API reCaptcha;
  • expanded use of the jquery.

Functionality implemented on the site:

  • CMS Joomla 2.5.x
  • "rubber" template, with a fixed header and footer;
  • connection component ZhYandexMap v. from developer Zhuk CC/. Component has undergone profound alteration;
  • connection component K2 v.2.6.x (alternative standard Joomla articles);
  • block layout.

We have tried to make the site simple for the administration and, at the same time, user-friendly. The site has turned usability, fully complies with the requirements of the customer and the customer's business is worthy in the Internet.

You can see demo here.