Company site "Audio-Video production" (option 2 - revised)

The client made the accent on:

  • total compliance with design modelу;
  • different models for front and additional pages realization;
  • improve navigation on internal pages of the site, namely to add the "Go to previous page";
  • implementation of internal pages in pop-up window;
  • multilanguage realization.

Embodied functional on the site:

  • CMS Joomla 2.5.4
  • unique slider on the front page gives the opportunity to insert a slide as a usual picture or a link on iframe with multimedia from the side resource (including the site folder). Also the user can choose slides change effect from the great number of effects;
  • Slider "On each" - ajax call enlarged images, transfer them to a plugin for jQuery carouFredSel 5.2.3;
  • use fancybox plugin for jquery to all internal pages of the website;
  • the ability to edit the contents of all module positions;
  • connecting a component K2 v.2.5.6 (alternative standard Joomla articles);
  • connection component ChronoForms v.4.0 RC3.4.1 for implementation feedback form;
  • improved navigation on internal pages of the website: "Back" button, additional menus, links (the case that complexity leads to improvement);
  • the use of 3 types of sliders and drop-down menus, and much more

The implementation of functional, above, suggests that the site of the company "Audio-Video production" is a full site which shows visitors a full range of services, with examples of works.

To see a working version of the site you can here.