Personal account of company

Sketches of the front part of the site:

The client made the accent on::

  • full compliance with design layout;
  • user-friendly interface as well as the front and the administrative parts;
  • the functionality of member personal cabinet.

Functionality that is implemented on the site:

  • CMS Joomla 1.5.25
  • the ability to edit the contents of all module positions;
  • usinga component K2 v.2.5.4 for site content;
  • connection component ChronoForms v.4.0 RC3.11 for implementation feedback form;
  • connection component Frontend User Access v.3.5.7 - to restrict access site content by users;
  • connection component Angkor v.1.5.4 - letter templates users editor;
  • connection component JoomGallery v. - container for certificates of users in a private office;
  • connection component osefileman v.3.0.2 - uploader in personal user folders;
  • when creating a user also creates his personal folder on the server with subfolders for storing personal documents of this user (these documents then appear in the section "Documents" of private area).

Sketches of the administrative part of the site:

This site fully complies with the requirements of the customer and is a complete Personal Account of "Rostov Fire Company".

To see a working version of the site you can here.

Username / password for access to test personal area user154/user154